Call for Entries

We look forward to receiving new entries for the next “Globale Mittelhessen” taking place from the 1st to the 15th of November 2019.Entry deadline: 31.3.2019  1. General informationGlobale Mittelhessen is an antiglobalisation film festival which is organized by Motives e.V. as well as several fair trade shops and Attac groups based in the region of Mittelhessen.The film festival mainly addresses independent, non-commercial film makers. The focus is less on technical perfection, but rather on the selection and presentation of the content.Globale Mittelhessen is a political festival, which means there will be no competition between the submitted films. All films revolve around the topic of globalization: Some of the main subjects are e.g. labour, migration, environmental issues, climate change, economy, poverty, social movements and resistance.  2. Film selectionThe submitted films will be selected for the festival by a jury which was established for this purpose. 3. SubmissionsThe submitted films have to meet the following criteria:a. thematically appropriate.b. maximum length: 120 minutes.c. accepted formats: MP4, ProRes, BluRay, DCP.  4. Return of submitted preview and screening copiesa. The preview copies will remain in the archive of the film festival and will not be returned unless previously agreed upon and paid for by the applicant.b. The screening copies must be sent as parcel. The applicant has to cover all costs for the shipment of the screening copy. The screening copy will be returned as insured parcel at the expense of the organizer.c. The screening copies are insured by the organizer during the festival.d. The organizer cannot be held liable for copies that arrive in a damaged condition.e. Compensation claims regarding the copies, that were screened during the festival, have to be made to the organizer within a week after receiving the return shipment.f. If the preview copy and screening copies is neither in the German or English language, it requires English or German subtitles.g. All submissions from abroad must be clearly marked with the following customs declaration in German: Temporärer Import - nur für kulturelle Zwecke, kein Handelswert (Temporary import. For cultural purpose only. No commercial value).h. The screening copies should be submitted before the 15/09/2019.i. By submitting a film to the festival, the applicant fully accepts the terms and conditions. If possible, please attach the following documents to the application:production photographies for the festival programme and press.short biography/filmography of the filmmaker.  Please download and fill this application form.